About Brandon's Libraries for Little Ones

Make a Secure Donation NowBrandon's Libraries for Little Ones is a sub-program of our umbrella 501(c)(3) charity, World One Assist, which is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the social and financial welfare of underserved peoples.  To learn more about our program, please explore the following links:

Our Story
Brandon's Libraries for Little Ones is a labor of love that unfolded from the adoption experience of the Sonnenbergs, a family from northern Idaho.  The story began years ago when a sweet and innocent young boy named Brandon was placed into foster care. Read more »

Our vision is three fold:
  • To unite our community, connecting and energizing both individuals and organizations in caring for children in need in our society. Read more »
Brandon's Libraries for Little Ones is a collaborative community endeavor of sharing and volunteerism that provides reading and literacy supplies to foster children and the families that foster them. Read more »

Core Values
Within any community there is a radiant, sacred life invitation to commune with others and share with those in need. Read more »

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